One Pass for the International Chinese Teacher Certificate Test (with case reference analysis)

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Author: Jun Liu

The Handbook for TCSOL Certificate Examinations is the textbook for anyone who would like to take the certificate exams, pass the exams, and obtain the TCSOL certificate. The handbook aims to help readers and test-takers become equipped with the comprehensive knowledge and skills of a qualified international Chinese language teacher.

The book includes four core modules and one supplemental module with several developmental and interactive learning units in each module. In every unit, the book presents three learning steps: 1) an introduction through analysis of real-world cases of international Chinese teachers that elicit readers’ reflections and discussion of the unit topic, 2) a study guide of the unit topic, including knowledge, principles, key terms, and potential challenges for learners, and 3) the application of knowledge to practices through discussion of more cases.

In this book, the case analyses are the key components. The 88 cases in the book are categorized as either problem-solution or case results analysis. Different types of cases have different analytical frameworks and methods.

The Handbook for TCSOL Certificate Examinations is particularly suitable for teachers, volunteers and other professions who would like to teach Chinese to speakers of other languages in overseas Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms.

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