Basics of Chinese Language (Phonetics)

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Author: Cai ShumeiShi Chunhong

The Series on Standards for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages is a series of textbooks designed for CFL teachers who are taking training courses and those who are going to take the TCFL eligibility exam. Compiled by Professor Liu Xun and Professor Cui Yonghua based on the Standards for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, this series, with the books in it corresponding to the sections of the “Standards”, provides readers with systematic knowledge about the “standards” and help them acquire the relevant knowledge and professional skills.

This book corresponds to the “Phonetics” section of Module 1 “Chinese Knowledge and Skills” of Standard 1 in the Standards for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. It can be used by international Chinese teachers as a training, tutoring or self-study material, or by international Chinese teachers’ certificate candidates, MTCSOL candidates or TCFL classrooms as a reference book, or as a phonetics textbook for international Chinese education and linguistics majors.

About the Author

Shi Chunhong, PKU Ph.D. and Harvard postdoctoral, is a professor at BLCU and the chief editor of the journal Language Teaching and Linguistic Studies. Dr. Shi’s research interests include syntax, semantics, lexicology, applied linguistics, and theoretical linguistics. In recent years, Shi has begun to explore the theory and application of construction grammar and the teaching and acquisition of Chinese as a second language. Shi has published nearly ten books and has participated in the compilation of several dictionaries and textbooks. His other works include more than 100 academic papers (co-authored ones included), over 70 linguistic articles and several translations.

Cai Shumei, teacher in the Chinese Department, College of Humanities of Xiamen University.

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