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Literature on Buddhism, spirituality/religion, and aging in academic, medical, and other professional journals focusing on geriatrics is sparse; the same is true for didactic and inspirational literature, albeit for different reasons. I offer a few speculations on this phenomenon. Additionally, the Asian and Asian-American experiences with spirituality and ageing has resulted in some memorable creative literature and is chronicled in memoirs.

Buddhism intersects with modern literature at a multitude of junctions. In all its various forms, schools, and geolocations, the teachings of the Buddha continue to appear in literary cultural products of the 20th and 21st centuries. 

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A major problem for teachers who teach Chinese and students who follow Chinese courses in Sri Lanka is a lack of places to buy Chinese language books. Therefore, besides teaching the Chinese Language, the Nagananda International Institute of Buddhist Studies has arranged to provide you with all books related to such courses at reasonable prices. If you need more information or explanation about our selling Chinese books, you can visit our institute or contact us over the phone.

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