Chinese Grammar Activities for the Classroom

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Author: Wang LiWang MengWang YanfeiWu Yingzi

Chinese Grammar Activities for the Classroom focuses on common pedagogical grammar points and, to meet the requirements in the grammar part of the test syllabus of the Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, emphasizes “communicative classroom activities”, providing nearly 120 communicative classroom activities for international Chinese teachers, which cover most of the elementary level grammar items and are compatible with the grammar part of most Chinese language textbooks. The grammar-oriented classroom activities come in a wide variety of types and simulate real communicative situations, providing students with plenty of opportunities to practice so that they may further understand the context for using specific grammar items in communication.

Teachers may choose activities in the book according to the specific grammar points they are teaching. Each grammar point is provided with a simple explanation, a summary of expressions, and a group of example sentences; each activity is specified in terms of its name, goal, time, preparations, steps, and suggestions, among which the preparations are twofold: resource preparations (via the QR code on the back cover) and language preparations (pre-activity grammar practice). Teachers may also design their own classroom activities using this book as a reference.

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