Basics of Chinese Language (Vocabulary)

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Author: Cai ShumeiShi Chunhong

Basics of Chinese Language (Vocabulary) is a book in “A Series of Books on Standards for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages”. It is composed of 11 chapters, the first 5 of which introduce the basic knowledge on Chinese vocabulary, and the following six chapters introduce the principles and methods of vocabulary teaching in Chinese as a second language. This book is designed for TCFL teachers / prospective teachers, as well as students majoring in TCFL.

About the Author

Cai Shumei, an Associate Professor and Postgraduate Supervisor in the Chinese Department, College of Humanities of Xiamen University, focuses her research on Chinese syntax and semantics, especially in construction grammar, cognitive grammar, grammaticalization, second language acquisition and other areas. Ms. Cai’s works include over ten papers published on Chinese Teaching in the World, Language Teaching and Linguistic Studies, Contemporary Linguistics, Applied Linguistics and other linguistic journals. She has co-authored Basics of Chinese Language (Phonetics), Second Language Acquisition Study of Chinese Structures and Modern Chinese. Ms. Cai has taken the main responsibilities in a project supported by the National Social Science Foundation of China, a key project supported by National Language Commission, a project supported by Fundamental Research Funds for Central Universities. She has also participated in a key project supported by National Social Science Foundation, and a key project supported by Humanities and Social Sciences Research Base of Ministry of Education.

Shi Chunhong is a Professor at BLCU, a Supervisor for PhD candidates, and the Chief Editor of Language Teaching and Linguistic Studies. Dr. Shi’s research interests include Chinese linguistics, applied linguistics and theoretical linguistics. In recent years, he has been engaged in the theoretical and applied exploration of construction grammar, stylistic-register grammar, and studies on teaching and acquisition of Chinese as a second language. Shi has published nearly ten books and has participated in the compilation of several dictionaries and textbooks. His other works include more than 100 academic papers (coauthored ones included), over 70 linguistic articles and several translations.

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