A Guide to the Design of Classroom Activities

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Author: Jiang Liping

This book systematically summarizes, analyses and gives examples of the design of activities in Chinese language teaching from two aspects, theory and practice. The first three chapters mainly introduce the application of activities in classroom teaching, analyse activity-based classroom teaching based on the theories of constructivism, task-based teaching and CFL teaching, and then propose the principles and methods of designing classroom activities. Chapters 4-9 present a total of 140 plans for classroom activities, covering special subjects such as pronunciation teaching, teaching of Chinese characters, vocabulary teaching, grammar teaching, topical teaching, and culture teaching, each in turn divided into several subtopics, which are various in form, rich in content and highly practical.

About the Author

Professor Jiang Liping is a postgraduate tutor in Beijing Language and Culture University whose research focuses on the theories of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, teaching methodology and textbook study. Ms. Jiang’s works include books such as On Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Ways on How to Teach Foreigners Chinese and Classroom Expression Course for Chinese Teaching as well as more than 10 papers published in Language Teaching and Linguistic Studies, Chinese Language Teaching and other journals. She has given lectures in many countries and cities, such as Japan, the United States, Thailand and Hong Kong.

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