A Reference Book for Teaching Chinese Characters to Foreigners

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Author: Li Dasui

A Reference Book for Teaching Chinese Characters to Foreigners is a supplementary teaching material suitable for specialized/selective courses of Chinese characters, encompassing many reference materials needed in the teaching of Chinese characters, such as List of Philological Classification based on HSK Graded Outline of Chinese Characters and List of Common Characters in Modern Chinese, List of Stroke Names, List of the Rules and Application of the Stroke Orders, List of the Name of Radicals, List of the Common Characters with Similar Forms, Table of Homophones, Table of Polyphones, Literacy Assessment Criteria and Class Placement Test Data for International Students at All Levels, Knowledge of Chinese Characters, List of Common Chinese Phonetic and Semantic Radicals, etc. As long as a Chinese course/selective course on characters are provided, no matter it is of the elementary, intermediate, or advanced level, this book has the content that provides reference for its teaching.

About the Author

Li Dasui, a teacher at Peking University, was a Director of Teaching and Research Office of Elective Courses, School of Chinese as a Second Language, PKU, and was appointed as an expert of the Assessment Group of National Accreditation Committee for Teachers of Chinese as a Foreign Language. He worked as a visiting scholar at the Chinese Department of Huachiew Chalermprakiet University, Thailand and Department of Eastern Asian Studies of Dickinson College, USA. His research areas include the study of Chinese written language and teaching of Chinese as a foreign language. His works include Concise and Practical Chinese Philology, Chinese Characters: A Systematic Approach, and tens of papers.

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