Ways on How to Teach Foreigners Chinese

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Author: Jiang LipingLi Zhu

This is a reference book for new teachers. The four parts discuss issues on teaching theory, teaching preparations, teaching comprehensive courses and skill courses. Starting from the teaching practice in class, it involves many aspects, ranging from the teaching principles and purpose(s) of TCFL, to the writing of teaching plans and the teaching of specific skills, such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. It is very focused and instructive for its detailed illustrations of classroom management skills and brief discussions of testing and evaluation.

About the Author

Jiang Liping is an Associate Professor of the College of Advanced Chinese Training of Beijing Language and Culture University as well as a graduate student supervisor. She has rich experience in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL). She taught at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies from 2000-2002 and was appointed by the Office of Chinese Language Council International and Beijing Language and Culture University to give lectures to universities in US, Thailand, Beijing, Hong Kong, Yunnan and Xinjiang. She has chiefly edited or co-edited many books and textbooks on TCFL, including A Course of Classroom Language for Chinese Teachers, Experiencing Chinese: Elementary, Experiencing Chinese: Elementary(Teacher’s Book), Step by Step—A Course in Chinese Reading Comprehension, Chinese for Beginners Intensive Reading. She also published more than 10 papers on periodicals of Language Teaching and Linguistic Studies and Chinese Language Learning. In addition, she was in charge of a university project “Study of Classroom Teaching Mode to Develop Students’ Chinese Language Communication Competence”.

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