Chinese Course (3rd Edition) 3B

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Author: Yang Jizhou

Chinese Courses a series of comprehensive Chinese learning materials designed for international students studying in China. It consists of 6 volumes, which take a degree-granting institution one year to finish. It is one of the most popular and influential textbook series for undergraduate education targeted at foreigners. The first two editions have sold more than two million copies in total.

This is Book 3B of the third edition, including a total of 13 lessons. It follows Book 3A and comes to the stage of vocabulary and short text teaching. Each lesson basically consists of five sections: text, new words, notes, usage, and exercises. The texts are mostly narratives, which undertake the task of training students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. The new words keep increasing in number. The part of usage focuses on explaining the usages of words and comparing the usages of synonyms. The exercises come in diverse types, including comprehension, imitation, communication, etc.

About the Author

Professor Yang Jizhou of Beijing Language and Culture University has worked in the field of CFL teaching and research and CFL textbook writing for many years. His published works include Teaching Syllabus of Elementary Chinese for Foreign Students, the Chinese Course series, the Climbing Up series, the Vocational Chinese series, 1700 Groups of Frequently Used Chinese Synonyms, 800 Frequently Used Chinese Function Words, The Commercial Press Learner’s Dictionary of Chinese Idioms, A Handbook of Spoken Chinese Sentences, etc. His major papers include “Order of Grammatical Items in Elementary Level CFL Teaching” and “Issues in the Compilation of Elementary Chinese Textbooks”, etc. Prof. Yang won the 2nd prize of 2001 Beijing (Higher) Education Achievements.

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