Chinese Language Skills Teaching Method | Chinese International Education Undergraduate Course Series Textbook

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Author: Yang Huiyuan

This book systematically introduces the training principles, key points and difficulties of comprehensive skills, listening skills, speaking skills, reading skills and writing skills in the teaching of comprehensive Chinese courses, listening courses, oral courses, reading courses, and writing courses. The skills are explained through teaching cases. The specific teaching methods and teaching links constitute the basic theoretical framework of the Chinese language skills teaching method.

Features of this book:

◎ Based on the author’s many years of teaching practice, it aims to solve practical teaching problems;

◎ Practice under the guidance of theory is explained in detail with rich teaching cases;

◎ The appendix lists excellent teaching plans for comprehensive classes, listening classes, speaking classes, reading classes, and writing classes to give readers a demonstration and reference.

About the Author

Yang Huiyuan is a professor at Beijing Language and Culture University’s School of Chinese Language and Culture, and was formerly the Deputy Dean of Chinese Language and Culture University. The main research direction is the fast-track teaching of Chinese as a second language and skills teaching. Published monographs “81 Methods of Listening Training”, “Teaching Methods of Chinese Listening and Speaking”, “Classroom Teaching Theory and Practice”, “Fourteen Lectures on Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language”, and edited “Basic Chinese Course: Comprehensive Textbook” and “Basic Chinese Course”: He participated in the compilation of “Modern Chinese Course”, “Listening Comprehension” and “Practical English-Chinese Dictionary” and other textbooks and dictionaries, and published more than 30 papers. In 1993 and 1995, he was appraised as an outstanding teacher in Beijing, in 2002 he was appraised as an outstanding teacher in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, and in 2003 he was awarded the title of outstanding teacher in Beijing colleges and universities.

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