International Chinese Teacher Certificate Exam Preparation Guide (Teaching)

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Author: Guo Xiumin

“International Chinese Teacher Certificate Exam Preparation Guide: Teaching Chapter” mainly focuses on the explanation, analysis and training of the “application ability” part of the written test. The “certificate” test paper is divided into three parts, namely “basic knowledge”, “application ability” and “comprehensive quality”. This book corresponds to the “application ability” part. This part mainly examines “Chinese teaching methods” and “teaching organization and classroom management”. The proportion of the test paper is as high as 50%, which is the key content of the written test. This book covers all the contents of “Chinese Teaching Methods” and “Teaching Organization and Classroom Management” in the “Examination Syllabus”.

The style of each chapter of the book is basically the same. First, the “case introduction” is the starting point, and the published sample questions or real questions are presented to allow readers to initially perceive the format of the “certificate” exam and related test sites; then in the “Exam Preparation Guide” The “part” lists the content of each chapter and the “International Standards for Teachers of Chinese Language” corresponding to the test sites, sorts out the basic concepts, important principles, basic methods and other basic knowledge involved, analyses common test sites, and focuses on the key points of the test sites. Difficulties; finally, design simulation exercises based on the important test sites sorted out in the “Exam Preparation Guide” section. Readers can get more targeted preparation training in the “simulation test questions”, and each simulated test question is equipped with a corresponding “answer and Analysis”.

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