International Chinese Teacher Certificate Preparation Guide (Basic Grammar)

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Author: Guo Xiaolin

This book selects the 33 common grammatical points in the “International Chinese Teacher Certificate” (formerly known as “International Chinese Teacher Certificate”) test in elementary Chinese teaching, and from the teaching points, teaching steps, typical error analysis, exercises, and knowledge links, Thinking questions and reference documents to explain the seven aspects, aiming to allow candidates to clarify the core grammatical meaning of each grammatical point, the main forms and typical example sentences, the typical situations used, the teaching emphasis and difficulties, and the differences with related forms, and to master each grammar Point to the methods and skills of introducing, explaining, practicing and designing classroom activities.

This book is equipped with grammar teaching demonstration micro-classes for frontline teachers. It is specially designed for the “teaching” and “trial lectures” in the “International Chinese Teacher Certificate” interview. It can provide authoritative teaching guidance for candidates.

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