Teacher Chinese Classroom Language Course (2nd Edition with CD)

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Author: Jiang LipingWen TingWu Xiaoyue

This book is a standardized and practical guide book for teachers to teach Chinese in Chinese. The book screens the classroom language commonly used by teachers, including the common classroom language used in all aspects of classroom teaching, the common classroom language used in various types of Chinese teaching, and the special classroom language used in various subjects of middle school liberal arts and sciences. The example sentence conforms to modern Chinese grammar, is clearly organized, and expresses appropriately, and has a good demonstration effect. After the first edition was published, it was well received by Chinese teachers. On the basis of the first edition, this book has been partially revised, the structure has been adjusted, and some corpus has been updated.

About the Author

Jiang Liping, female, professor and doctoral supervisor of Beijing Language and Culture University. The main research areas are the study of the theory, teaching methods and textbooks of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. He has edited several Chinese textbooks such as the Hanban planning textbook “Experiencing Chinese Basic Course”, published “On Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language” and other monographs, and published many papers.

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