Painting and Saying Chinese Characters – 1-6 Grades All 6 Volumes

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Author: Editorial Department of Painting and Saying Chinese Characters

This book is compiled based on the “New Curriculum Standard of Chinese for Compulsory Education” (2011 Edition), in accordance with the primary school Chinese textbooks published by the People’s Education Publishing House, and with reference to the new “Ministry Edition” primary school Chinese textbooks. 500 idioms for students to learn. Every idiom in this book is equipped with idiom pictures related to the idiom, and nearly half of the idioms are equipped with related idiom stories. This book is full of pictures and texts, which can not only ignite children’s enthusiasm for learning, but also enable them to master and use them proficiently. Idiom.

This book aims to let primary school students feel the fun of idioms in a relaxed atmosphere of reading pictures and reading stories, master the meaning of idioms in textbooks, and feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture. This is an interesting extracurricular reading, and it is also a reference book for parents to easily guide their children.


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