International Chinese Teacher Certificate Exam Preparation Guide (Interview)

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Author: Liu HongTao Jianmin

This book is based on “International Chinese Teachers Standards” (2015), “International Chinese Teacher Certificate Exam Syllabus” (2015) and published sample questions. It aims to help candidates improve their international Chinese teaching ability and successfully pass the interview. The most important feature of this book is “Teach people how to fish”, as follows:

  • Provide test preparation strategies and related background knowledge to enrich the knowledge reserve and accumulation of candidates;
  • Pay attention to the analysis of problem-solving ideas, inspire candidates to think around the test site, and learn by analogy;
  • Highlight the test questions in classroom teaching in primary and middle schools, with teaching design and strategies, to make up for the shortcomings of candidates’ lack of teaching experience.

About the Author

Liu Hong, PhD in linguistics and applied linguistics, lecturer and master’s supervisor of the School of International Chinese Culture, East China Normal University. Hanban is a key teacher for the international promotion of Chinese, a member of the revision group of the “International Chinese Teachers Standards”, and a member of the “International Chinese Teachers Certificate” test development group. Participate in the design of sample questions and test questions for the “International Chinese Teacher Certificate”, and participate in the compilation of the “International Chinese Teacher Certificate Syllabus Analysis” and “International Chinese Teaching Cases and Analysis” designated textbooks for the “International Chinese Teacher Certificate” exam. Worked as an interviewer for the International Chinese Teacher Certificate Interview in Singapore. Published academic monographs “Study on Factors Affecting the Development of Practical Ability of New Teachers of Chinese as a Foreign Language” (World Book Publishing Company) and “Ten Required Courses for New International Chinese Teachers” (Commercial Press), and also published in “World Chinese Teaching” and “Language Teaching and Research” More than 50 papers have been published in academic journals such as “Chinese Language Teaching and Research”. The main research directions focus on the study of classroom second language acquisition and the study of Chinese teachers.

Tao Jianmin, Ph.D. Lecturer at the School of International Chinese Culture, East China Normal University, a life member of the China-English-Chinese Comparative Research Association, and a member of the World Chinese Language Teaching Association. He has long been engaged in theoretical and practical research on Chinese as a second language teaching, research on second language teacher education, and comparative research on English and Chinese languages ​​and cultures. He has expertise in “post-method” theory and “IB Chinese teaching” research, and has a wealth of experience Domestic and foreign Chinese teaching and research experience. He has participated in a number of national social science research projects, has published more than ten papers in public academic journals including core journals, published one academic monograph, one translation work, and participated in the editing of several textbooks.

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