International Chinese Teaching: Methods and Techniques for Teaching Chinese Characters

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Author: Su Yingxia

This book belongs to the “International Chinese Language Teaching” series and is one of the four language element teaching guide books. The content includes two parts: an introduction to the basic knowledge of Chinese characters and Chinese character teaching methods. It includes both a summary of relevant teaching theories and the author’s teaching experience. It also elaborates on various Chinese character teaching methods and techniques through a large number of practical cases of Chinese character teaching at home and abroad. It analyses all aspects of Chinese character classroom teaching, and it is a very practical reference book for Chinese character teaching for frontline teachers of Chinese as a foreign language.

About the Author

Su Yingxia, the lead author, is a Professor of Beijing Language and Culture University and got the title of “Beijing Language and Culture University Prominent Teacher” in 2012. She was a Visiting Professor of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies in 2004-2007 and acted as a Chinese President of Confucius Institute at Keimyung University in 2011-2014. Invited by Hanban, she worked as a teacher training expert in China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Belgium, Denmark and other countries. Her research areas include teaching Chinese vocabulary and grammar to non-native speakers and the compilation of Chinese textbooks. She published many papers, including Teaching Chinese in This Way: Language Skills, Skills for Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. She also wrote a number of textbooks and a dictionary–A Chinese Dictionary for Learners and Teachers.

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