A Survey of China (2nd Edition)

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Author: Ning Jiming

This book can be used in the compulsory course “Survey of China” for international degree students, or by students in Confucius Institutes to learn about Chinese culture and the national conditions of China. The book has 16 chapters in total, respectively introducing the following aspects of China: 1) the national flag, emblem and anthem; 2) administrative divisions; 3) geography and resources; 4) population, ethnic groups and language; 5) history; 6) political system; 7) economy; 8) diplomacy; 9) science and technology; 10) education; 11) traditional ideology; 12) literature; 13) arts; 14) folk customs; 15) sports and bodybuilding; 16) people’s livelihood and well-being.

About the Author

Ning Jiming, dean of the College of International Education of Shandong University, director of the Center for Research and Experience of Traditional Chinese Culture (Hanban & Shandong University), director of the Office of Confucius Institute of Shandong University, member of the National Steering Committee of Master’s Degree Programs in International Chinese Education, and executive director of the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching. His research mainly focuses on the transmission of language and culture, and language economy.

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