Mandarin Chinese Phonetics Teaching Diagram

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Author: Cao WenJin Xiao DaLiu Guang Hui

Illustrative Sketches for Chinese Putonghua Pronunciation Teaching includes altogether 60 sketches on the speech organs, the pronunciation of initial consonants, the pronunciation of simple and compound finals, the contrast of pronunciations and the modified tones, covering virtually all the sketches necessary for the teaching and learning of Chinese putonghua pronunciation.

Each sketch shows the tongue position, the degree of lip-rounding, the front and side shapes of the lips and the explanation on the key points of pronunciation. Being scientific, practical, easy to carry and pleasing to the eye, this is an indispensible aid in the classroom teaching of Chinese putonghua pronunciation.

This product is accompanied by Chinese Putonghua Pronunciation Course with Illustration-Teacher’s Book, which is sold independently.

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