You and Me 2 – Learning Chinese in China: Workbook

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Author: Han Yuguo

You and Me is a new type of Chinese language textbook aimed at Confucius Institutes in Europe and the United States to meet the needs of international Chinese language education. It is suitable for zero-start adult Chinese learners. It is one of the key project achievements of the International Chinese Teaching Research Base of Beijing Language and Culture University.

The book is divided into two volumes, corresponding to the first and second levels of the International Chinese Proficiency Standards issued by Hanban. 1 “Overseas Chapter” takes the overseas Confucius Institute as the background, conveys and displays Chinese daily conversation, personal information, daily life, and work through the interaction of 8 characters including overseas Confucius Institute students, Chinese teachers, volunteers, and Chinese students. , study and career planning and other topics; in the 2 volumes of “China”, the main characters come to a Chinese college of a university in China for short-term study, and show life services, people and the environment, and emotions through what they see, hear and feel. With plans and other topics. There are 8 units in each volume and 2 lessons in each unit, for a total of 32 lessons in the two volumes. Textbooks, workbooks and teachers’ books are also provided. The instructions and descriptions of the whole book are in English, accompanied by a large number of illustrations and real pictures, and a matching CD-ROM is provided.

This book is the accompanying exercise book for Volume 2. Each lesson consists of 4 sections: sentence practice, word practice, grammar and communication, and Chinese writing. Each section includes more than two types of exercises, mainly for consolidation and communication.

About the Author

Han Yuguo, PhD in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, is an associate professor in the College of Intensive Chinese Training of BLCU, and a researcher in BLCU’s Research Center for Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. Mr. Han’s research focuses on the interface between syntax and semantics in modern Chinese, and the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language.

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