International Chinese Teaching: Methods and Techniques for Teaching Chinese Vocabulary

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Author: Su Yingxia

This book is a teaching and training book that introduces the methods and skills of vocabulary teaching in international Chinese teaching. The book is divided into “Introduction to Vocabulary Knowledge”, “Overview of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language”, “Basic Methods of Vocabulary Teaching”, “New Word Teaching in Classroom Teaching”, “Vocabulary Teaching Case Analysis”, and “Analysis of Common Confusing Words in the Primary Stage”. While imparting basic and core vocabulary professional knowledge, this book starts from the reality of classroom teaching, combines the author’s years of teaching experience, and focuses on introducing various professional skills required in the process of vocabulary teaching. The professionals, master students, doctoral students and new teachers of Chinese International Education all have a certain reference effect.

About the Author

Su Yingxia is a professor at Beijing Language and Culture University’s School of Chinese Language and Culture. Since 1986, she has been teaching Chinese as a foreign language at Beijing Language and Culture University, and she has taught in South Korea and Japan. In 2004, he won the second prize of the 4th Beijing University Teaching Fundamental Skills Competition for Young Teachers. The main research direction is the teaching of Chinese vocabulary and grammar as a foreign language, and the compilation of Chinese textbooks. He has published many academic papers in domestic and foreign journals, published books such as “Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Skill”, and edited Chinese textbooks such as “A Quick Introduction to Spoken Chinese”.

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