Essentials of Chinese Language Ⅰ

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Author: Shi Chunhong

“Chinese Outline” is a basic textbook of modern Chinese, which not only systematically and in detail introduces basic knowledge of modern Chinese phonetics, vocabulary, grammar and Chinese characters, but also actively absorbs new theories, new concepts, new methods and new achievements. Research results that have received widespread academic attention and have significant teaching effects are included to allow basic textbooks to keep up with the pace of academic development. The whole book includes two volumes. The first volume introduces the basic knowledge of modern Chinese phonetics and vocabulary, and the second volume introduces the basic knowledge of modern Chinese grammar and Chinese characters. In the writing process, follow the following writing principles: combining basic and cutting-edge, combining description and explanation, combining knowledge and enlightenment, and combining strategy and operation. The purpose is to help learners fully understand and master the basic knowledge of modern Chinese, improve the ability to analyse Chinese language phenomena and use Chinese for communication, so as to lay a solid foundation for international Chinese teaching.

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