250 Chinese Words to Get You Around Beijing (English and Chinese Edition)

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Author: Li Jiequn

The 2008 Olympics are an opportunity for China to have a dialogue with the world. But what language is the conversation in? Let the Chinese speak English? This is more difficult; the second is that foreigners do not all speak English. On the other hand, let all foreigners speak Chinese? It looks like this is putting the trouble on foreigners, but it’s not. Because, instead of letting Chinese people learn countless languages ​​in the world, it is better for foreigners to try only one – Chinese!

“250 Words to Beijing” is divided into seven categories: “eating and drinking, accommodation, transportation, entertainment, shopping, medical treatment, and seeking help”, and the dialogues in each category are arranged in the order of communication scenes. Dialogue generally consists of less than 10 Chinese characters.

In addition to the Chinese pinyin and English translations, each group of dialogues also contains “similar expressions, antonyms, humor, associations, intimate tips” and other content, among which “association” mainly lists some related words, “intimate tips” It reminds me of the role of a little travel guide. There are illustrations for most of the dialogue.

Let’s brag a little, foreign friends can use our “250 Characters Climbing Beijing” and a map of Beijing, and they can travel in Beijing unimpeded!


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