Encounters: Chinese Language and Culture 4 Student Book

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Author: Cynthia Y. NingJohn S. MontanaroLi Rongzhen

Encounters, a multimedia course, is designed for beginner Chinese language learners from middle school to college. Produced in broadcast quality high definition video, En-counters provides authentic scenes filmed in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an and Yangshuo. It presents how young Chinese people live, work and love while also showing the conflicts and communication between young people from different countries. Encounters employs communicative techniques and encourages students to learn through practical exercises, task-based techniques and cultural segments. Volume 1 covers 10 topics in real-life context and helps students master the basic language skills and words in order to express simple ideas without difficulty. Volume 2 further challenges the learner’s listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities. Learners will read long paragraphs and draw information from them. Compared with Encounters 1 and Encounters 2, Encounters 3 focuses more on listening and speaking. On the basis of previous studies, learners will learn more about daily life, including how to see a doctor, how to handle bank business, how to buy a mobile phone and how to visit a shopping mall. They will also learn to deal with personal relationships on a deeper level. Building on the foundation of Book 1, 2 and 3, Book 4 explores more facets of modern live: we visit a bookstore, dip into TV and film media, surf the Chinese Internet, and discuss sporting events.


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