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The fundamental aim of the faculty is to widen the horizons of Buddhist studies with equal emphasis on its theoretical and practical aspects through in-depth studies and researches closely related to the primary sources and in the light of secondary sources. Further, the research programmes will not be confined to the traditional fields and subjects studied mainly on a theoretical basis in almost all universities and higher educational institutions in Sri Lanka.

The topics for study and research will be selected with reference to the requirements of modern society because a large number of researches carried out in universities and institutes at present are capable of creating only an intellectual curiosity. It seems that they do not contribute much to the physical, mental, social and spiritual development of humanity, which has been the main objective of early Buddhism. The ancient scholars of Buddhism have incorporated a number of allied subjects to the Buddhist culture and education system in order to achieve the early Buddhist aim of human development.

So the subjects such as Āyurveda, Astrology, Rites and Rituals, Other Religious Traditions, Art and Architecture, Agriculture, Gerontology, Food and Nutrition, etc. will be studied and researched in relation to Buddhist philosophy and culture in the programmes of the faculty. No doubt, this noble endeavour will make a positive contribution to social development in a global context and will earn incredible dignity for the mother of Sri Lanka.

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