Expressway to Chinese (Intermediate) 3

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  • Medium: Books
  • ISBN: 9787561956335
  • Annotation Language: English
  • Target Audience (Age): College, Adults
  • Target Audience (Language): Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate

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Author: Hu WenhuaWu ZhongweiXu Jinsheng

This is a universal type of short-term Chinese teaching material for total beginners. It has a total of 12 volumes, roughly aligned to the HSK levels as follows:

It is targeted at short-term Chinese training programs in China as well as other universally-oriented Chinese training programs. The three levels are interrelated and independent to a certain extent so that users can choose the one(s) they need. Students can start with Book 1 or any other volume based on their own level of proficiency.

About the Author

Edited by Fudan University professors Xu Jinsheng, Hu Wenhua, and Wu Zhongwei.

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