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Learning Chinese offers many advantages on many fronts, from bettering one’s business chances to forming lifetime connections to traveling. In actuality, there has never been a better moment than now to study Chinese! Here are our top 10 motivations for learning Chinese:

Journey to China

The main advantage of studying Mandarin is that it enables you to explore the fascinating nation of China alone. Take the chance to study Mandarin if you are not the conventional tourist, and you will discover the “true China” on your travels. Even if you have poor language abilities, the locals will appreciate your efforts and go out of their way to greet you.

Learn about Chinese culture

China’s rich history and culture are extremely well-known, and the world recognizes and values them. Being able to study famous Chinese books, short tales, poetry, cinema, TV, and music will let you dig deeper into China’s cultural wealth.

Embark on a business journey to China

China has undoubtedly grown to be the world’s greatest economy during the past 35 years, and the country’s prosperity and reputation as a growing powerhouse have made it possible for Western Mandarin-speaking businesses to prosper from the country’s wealth.

China employment

China has welcomed international investment and economic collaboration by opening itself to the globe. As a result, there is a huge need for professionals who can connect this new China with the rest of the globe.

Boost your resume

Through studying Chinese, you may become someone who is crucial to the success of a project in China and exhibit outstanding intellectual ability, setting yourself apart from the competition.

It is simple to pick up

Despite the fact that learning Chinese is seen as challenging, getting started is simpler than you would imagine. In as little as a few weeks after commencing their studies, language learners can frequently begin speaking basic Chinese.

More options than ever for learning Chinese

Learning Mandarin used to be thought of as a difficult process involving large dictionaries, interminable character lists, and subpar audio cassettes. Fortunately, there are now a lot more effective ways to learn Chinese. The way students learn Chinese has been revolutionized by TCB and other platforms, including Pleco, which promote the small and often method with more conclusive advantages.

Reach out to a billion people

One can only really experience all that China and its 5,000-year-old civilization have to offer by learning Chinese. Just over 1.3 billion individuals in China are accessible to those who speak Chinese!

Friend up

Learning Mandarin opens us a world of opportunities for deeper connections and communication, not only in Asia.

Healthy mental exercise

According to studies, learning Chinese requires the brain to engage more brain regions than learning other languages. Learning Chinese is thought to need more mental work since there are so many distinctions between learning Chinese and learning English, including tones and characters! Mandarin speakers use both temporal lobes, in contrast to English speakers who exclusively use the left. Additionally, learning to write characters helps improve motor abilities and keep the mind alert through the use of visual recognition.

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