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10 Good Reasons to Study Chinese

Learning Chinese offers many advantages on many fronts, from bettering one’s business chances to forming lifetime connections to traveling. In actuality, there has never been a better moment than now to study Chinese! Here are our top 10 motivations for learning Chinese: Journey to China The main advantage of studying Mandarin...

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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is a multi-disciplinary Faculty of the Nagananda International Institute for Buddhist Studies in Sri Lanka catering to students’ needs in the local and the international market-oriented programmes, ranging from Certificate Level to Master’s Degree Level prioritising the national heritage under the four...

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Faculty of Buddhist Studies

Basic teachings of early Buddhism with reference to the Pāli canon: Dependent co-origination, three Characteristics, four noble truths, nibbāna. Social philosophy and social ethics of early Buddhism with reference to the suttas such as Sigāla, Maṅgala Vaisala, Parābhava, Vyagghapajja, Vāseṭṭha, Aggañña and Brāhmaṇadhammika. Meditation and meditational practices with reference...

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Faculty of Graduate Studies

The fundamental aim of the faculty is to widen the horizons of Buddhist studies with equal emphasis on its theoretical and practical aspects through in-depth studies and researches closely related to the primary sources and in the light of secondary sources. Further, the research programmes will not be confined...

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