Winning in China – Business Chinese (Advanced)

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Author: Ji Jin

Winning in China—Business Chinese is a series of textbooks specifically written for EU-China Managers Exchange and Training Programme takers and other learners of business Chinese without any Chinese learning experience. The series has three levels in total, among which the basic level includes three textbooks, supplemented by two independent volumes: Pronunciation and Chinese Characters for use at the elementary stage. All the texts are written in business-oriented Chinese and revolve around topics and situations. Among the rich variety of exercises, the task-based ones are particularly authentic, interesting and practical. The books are printed in two colors and is provided with audio files, which can be obtained through the QR code on the back cover.

The Advanced volume is composed of 8 units, with altogether 16 lessons, encompassing the following topics: “tendering and bidding”, “exclusive agent”, “market research”, “sales promotion”, “foreign investment”, “making investment overseas”, “trademark law and intellectual property” and “new trade protectionism”. Texts in this volume are more business-oriented and specialized, integrating professional knowledge, working skills and language learning into a systematic whole.

About the Author

Ji Jin, associate professor at the School of International Business, University of International Business and Economics, has published many papers on business Chinese, and edited the textbook “Business Chinese Listening and Speaking Course” (Volumes 1-4). The other participating writers are all front-line teachers of the International College of the University of International Business and Economics.

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