Road to Success: Elementary vol.2 (with Worksheet)

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  • ISBN: 9787561921906
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  • Target Audience (Age): College, Adults
  • Target Audience (Language): Elementary

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Author: Zhang Li

Elementary, following Lower Elementary of Road to Success, is an integrated textbook for elementary Chinese students.

It consists of two volumes, each of which consists of 3 units. Each unit is composed of 4 lessons, all of which center around one topic. The topics are all the students familiar with and interested in when they study in China, including daily life, campus life, transportation and travel, entertainment and culture etc. The students will be able to learn over 600 Chinese words after learning these two volumes and further improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

This book is provided with audio files, which can be obtained through the QR code on the back cover.

About the Author

Zhang Li is a teacher of the College of Advanced Chinese Training, Beijing Language and Culture University.

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