New Concept Chinese (English Edition) Interactive Multimedia 1

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  • Medium: Rich Media
  • ISBN: 9787900791153
  • Annotation Language: English
  • Target Audience (Age): College, Adults
  • Target Audience (Language): Elementary

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Author: Cui Yonghua

New Concept Chinese Interactive Multimedia is the corresponding multi-dimensional scheme of its paper-based counterpart. Designed for Chinese adult learners, it consists of four volumes and is suitable for both self-teaching and classroom teaching.

On the basis of the textbook, it adds abundant multimedia learning resources, including the cartoons and the role-play exercises based on the major texts, the expanded example sentences of the new words, the writing of Chinese characters, interactive exercises and cultural video clips.

About the Author

Mr. Cui Yonghua is a researcher in Beijing Language and Culture University. He has been engaged in the field of Chinese teaching and research since 1981. His research focuses on Chinese grammar, Chinese language teaching and Chinese information processing, and his publications include Classroom Techniques for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Teaching and Research of Chinese as a Foreign Language (a collection of academic papers) and some textbooks co-authored with others, such as Standard Chinese Course, Learning Chinese and Learn Chinese through Listening, Speaking and Watching. Mr. Cui has chaired and participate in many research projects, such as Radical Standards of GB13000.1Character Set for the Purpose of Information Processing, and has written a number of academic papers, the representative ones being “Syntactic and Semantic Issues Related to Commendatory and Derogatory Adjectives”, “An Attempt in Analysing the Sentence Pattern ‘连……也……’” and “About the Methodology of TCFL as a Discipline”, etc.

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