Introduction to Standard Chinese Pinyin System (2nd Edition) Workbook

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Author: Helen H. ShenYunong Zhou

Introduction to Standard Chinese Pinyin System (2nd Edition) consists of a textbook and a workbook, aiming to give a systematic introduction to Chinese Pinyin.

This workbook, strictly in line with the contents of the textbook, consists of Pinyin exercises covering Lessons 2–10 in the textbook. The aim is to help learners review and reinforce what they have learned in class. The Pinyin exercises begin with a warm-up which helps review the highlights of the lesson followed by a variety of tasks to reinforce the Pinyin knowledge that has been imparted. Each lesson consists of a cover and a few pages of Pinyin exercises. Learners can also scan the QR code on the cover of each lesson to listen to the audio recordings. After completing the exercises in each lesson, learners can detach the entire lesson including the cover and submit it to the instructor. An answer key can be found at the end of the workbook for independent learners’ reference.

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