China’s Metamorphosis: 35 Global Perspectives (English Version)

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Author: Jiang Liping

For a long time, China was an ancient, mysterious country in the eyes of the world. Now, in this age of globalization, China is integrating and becoming more open and inclusive. More and more foreigners have stepped foot in China and personally experienced Chinese tradition and modernity. In this book, several dozen foreigners tell their personal experiences in China. Through their stories and opinions, even if you have never been or have just been to China, you may discover a China that is different than you thought.

About the Author

Assistant Director, professor, and doctoral supervisor in the Research Institute of International Chinese Language Education at BLCU. Professor Jiang participated in, planned, and acted as chief editor for the large-scale multi-media cultural program Hello China, and was a keynote lecturer on CCTV’s Chinese 400. Jiang is the editor-in-chief of several educational materials authorized and planned by the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), the program she presided over was awarded second place city-wide for Teaching Excellence in Beijing. Jiang has been to the United States, Japan, Thailand, Cuba, the Netherlands, and still other countries to teach, advance academic exchange, and participate in teacher training. She is also a member on the editorial boards for four different academic periodicals.


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