Easy Chinese – Playing Cards for Learning Chinese – Daily Chinese Dialogues

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Author: Da Shiping

Play a multitude of fun learning games with this traditional deck of playing cards with color categories for a variety of activities. Character cards present 54 must-learn Chinese characters. Phrase cards present 54 questions and answer cards of essential Chinese phrases (greetings, numbers, money, shopping, directions, etc.). Cards feature three color coded categories: Red- human related: body, mankind, language/emotion; Green- Nature related: weather, mountain & earth, farming, animals; Brown- Man made items: housing, clothing, tools & weapons, gold & utensils. Deck is perfect for playing “Looking for Friends” using the same rules as “Go Fish” to match the most pairs to win; “Guess Guess” game to guess the character your opponent is thinking of; “Join the Dragons” similar to “Solitaire”; “Pick ’em” to make phrases by combining compound characters; Math Activities to learn to use numbers 10, 100, 1000, and 10000 in Chinese; plus other activities created by you and your family. 1-5 players based on game rules. Poker Playing Cards, 56 Cards, 2.25” x 3.25”

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