Common Chinese Patterns 330

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Author: Chen RuZhu Xiaoya

The Chinese language can be quite confusing to new learners because there is a large number of grammatical phenomena in the language where some words are always used together with others, forming a set structure or collocation which gives a specific meaning. Since these expressions are of a set structure, people usually call them “”set patterns””. This book is a compilation of common set patterns in the Chinese language designed to facilitate students’ study.

To help students learn these patterns faster, understand them more accurately and use them skillfully, this book has compiled 3,300 example sentences for the 330 patterns selected for the book. Each pattern is presented in its own section comprised of four parts: Explanation, Examples, Dialogues and Exercises. The Explanations are written to be as concise as possible and usages mentioned in the Explanations are the ones that are most commonly met, and are covered in the Examples and Dialogues, enabling learners to understand and master the expression more quickly. This also makes this book a valuable resource for teachers’ reference and use. Examples are intentionally made easy or difficult, and some are idioms or set phrases, so as to arouse learners’ interest and enhance their reading and speaking abilities.

This can be a students’ book and can be a tool for teachers.


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