Chinese Reading Course (3rd Edition) Volume 3

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  • Target Audience (Language): Elementary, Pre-Intermediate

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Author: Peng Zhiping

Since its publication, Chinese Reading Course has been used by many educational institutions. The revised edition was published in 2009. In order to better match Chinese Course (3rd edition), Chinese Reading Course (3rd edition) has been launched. Revisions were made in the third edition based on the revisions made in Chinese Course (3rd edition). Meanwhile, the outdated articles were replaced and deleted. 

About the Author

Peng Zhiping is Vice President and Associate Professor of the College of Advanced Chinese Training, Beijing Language and Culture University. He has published many textbooks, one of which is Chinese Reading Course. He was the main lecturer in a DVD entitled A Demonstration of Chinese Classroom Instruction – Reading. Besides, Prof. Peng was one of the Executive Editors of Guide to HSK Elementary and Intermediate Learners and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Road to Success.

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