Chinese Listening Course (3rd Edition) Book 3

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Author: Hu BoYang Xuemei

This book is the listening course book matching Book 3 of Chinese Course (3rd Edition). It can also be used independently as a practice book of elementary listening.

As the third book in the series, this book focuses on training students’ discourse and semantic comprehension, and based on which, intensifies the training of pragmatic comprehension. This book contains 30 lessons in total, each consisting of two parts—Listening Comprehension and Extensive Listening. Though the lessons are consistent in format, the listening materials progress from paragraphs to passages, showing an increase in difficulty. Besides, a great number of Chinese cultural elements are integrated in the materials so that students may learn more about Chinese culture while improving their listening comprehension skills.

About the Author

Yang Xuemei is a professor at the College of Advanced Chinese Training, BLCU, and a first prize winner of the university teaching award, who has been engaged in CFL teaching since 1987. Yang’s works include teaching materials such as Chinese Listening Course (all three volumes), University Chinese (Book 1 and Book 3), and Discrimination of Chinese Synonyms, a book highly recognized by the university. Yang has also authored a number of journal articles on CFL teaching.

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