Chinese Character Breakthrough (Annotated in English) (2 volumes)

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  • ISBN: 9787301092866
  • Language: Chinese, English

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Author: Zhou Jian

The purpose of this book is to systematically introduce the internal laws and knowledge of Chinese characters to foreign learners, and cultivate their ability to learn Chinese characters. It starts from the basic knowledge of strokes, stroke order rules, components, radicals and radicals of Chinese characters, and introduces three main methods of forming pictographs, ideographic characters and pictophonetic characters. The study of a large number of typical radical characters, homogeneous characters, and simultaneous characters can deepen learners’ understanding of the phonetic and ideographic structure of Chinese characters, and cultivate students’ “character sense” of Chinese characters and the ability to efficiently learn Chinese characters by themselves.

There are 61 lessons in the book, introducing 1063 word strips, covering 800 A-level characters in the “Chinese Proficiency Vocabulary and Chinese Character Grade Outline”, in addition to more than 2000 words, more than 800 sentences and 61 Chinese characters knowledge. Learners can learn Chinese characters and Chinese through interactive learning of characters, words and sentences. In addition to the texts, there are also matching workbooks, which provide various forms, rich contents, unique, vivid and interesting Chinese character exercises.


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