A Short Intensive Course of New HSK Speaking Test (Advanced Level)

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Author: Jin Shunian

A Short Intensive Course of New HSK, aimed at providing pre-exam guidance and intensive training for the New HSK candidates and training institutions, includes 10 volumes altogether, i.e., the intensive training courses respectively for levels 3~6, the workbooks supporting the intensive courses, the volumes for intermediate spoken Chinese and advanced spoken Chinese. The intensive training course for each level provides two model tests and specific intensive training on the testing points and difficult points about grammar, vocabulary etc., the common errors, and test-taking strategies. The model tests and exercises demonstrate similarity to the official New HSK in difficulty.

This is a course book providing short-term intensive training for candidates and their teachers of HSK (Advanced Level). Using examples from the past exams, the testing points and difficult points are explained and follow-up exercises are provided. Summaries are also made in time.

It falls into four units:

Unit 1, introduces the test, the structure of the book and the advice for users.

Unit 2, namely Model Test 1, is a pre-tutorial test so that you’ll find your weak points.

Unit 3, the main body of the book, explains and practices the question types of HSK (Advanced Level). Each question type is explained in two lessons and all the question types are explained in 6 lessons.

Unit 4, namely Model Test 2, aims to check students’ learning effect and provides the warm-up exercise before the real test.

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